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Eu Chin Street


Eu Chin Street is named after Seah Eu Chin. Eu Chin Street is located in Tiong Bahru, near Seng Poh Road and Seng Poh Lane. Eu Chin Street is perpendicular to Seng Poh Road, close to Seng Poh Garden.

Seng Poh Road and Seng Poh Lane


In fact, Seng Poh Road and Seng Poh Lane are both named after Tan Seng Poh, Seah Eu Chin’s famous brother-in-law, who was one of the most significant pioneers in Singapore’s early history. It is fitting that there is a road and a lane named after him, and that they are near Eu Chin Street.

Liang Seah Street

Liang Seah Street - Visitors

Liang Seah Street at night is full of buzz (photo taken in 2019)

Eu Chin Street is not the only street in Singapore named after a member of the Seah family. Seah Eu Chin’s famous second son, Seah Liang Seah, also had a street named after him in 1927: Liang Seah Street. It is located at Bugis area, between North Bridge Road and Beach Road.

Peck Seah Street


Seah Liang Seah’s younger brother, Seah Peck Seah, also made a name for himself. Peck Seah Street is located in Tanjong Pagar, just off Maxwell Road, and stands testimony to Seah Peck Seah’s many contributions to Singapore.

Seah Street


Other than Eu Chin Street, Liang Seah Street, and Peck Seah Street, there is one more road that deserves special mention: Seah Street, a street of about 200 metres long, around the Bras Basah area, between North Bridge Road and Beach Road. Today, the Mint Museum of Toys and the Raffles Hotel arcade are along the street, along with many shops and eateries. This street is named after the Seah family in recognition of the family’s many significant contributions to Singapore in its early days.

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