This website is mainly about Seah Eu Chin (1805-1883), an important individual who played a significant part in Singapore’s early history. One of the most important symbolic acts that we can do as a country to preserve our rich and fascinating early history is to remember our pioneers.

My book, “Seah Eu Chin – His Life & Times, is about this important community and business pioneer. There are many articles and chapters about Seah Eu Chin in various books on Singapore, but this book is the first one that focuses on him and his family.

Through this book, I hope to have contributed to Singapore’s historical heritage and helped more people know the story of Seah Eu Chin and his famous sons, and their lives and the context of the times they lived in.

And one of the underlying themes of my book is to show the importance of preserving Singapore’s heritage and its importance in creating a national identity.

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About the Author

A descendant of Seah Eu Chin, Shawn Seah Li Song lives and works in Singapore. He has experience in policy development, planning and organising campaigns, curriculum planning and development, and education. He holds a Master’s degree in Economic History from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, with a minor in History, from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Shawn has a deep and abiding interest in Singapore’s history and East Asian economic development. While at the LSE, his area of research was private order institutions in early colonial Singapore, 1819-1867, where he studied the Peranakan middleman traders and the Chinese secret societies. He enjoys watching movies, reading, and writing.


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